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Are we looking for the ‘best bike garage in Pune’ or ‘best bike garage in Kalyaninagar’? See no further. We are a one-stop-shop for all your bike-related problems and to live by our lines ‘YOU RIDE, WE CARE.’

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Spare Parts

Genuine spare parts are as important for a bike as is good food for a human being. Using faulty and second-grade spare parts lead to many unforeseen and sometimes deadly circumstances. You don’t want to be stuck anywhere or come across an accident due to your decision to buy a cheaper spare part to save some extra rupees during your last bike repair.

We here at Sanket Autocare only install genuine spare parts to make your next bike ride as safe as it can be. Our spare parts are company authorized and installed by well-trained mechanics.


Even when you keep all the maintenance work regularly, we all have to accept your bike being a machine that needs some urgent wear and tears somewhere down the road. It might just be the machine doing its thing or an accident you came across. These repairs are unavoidable and should be performed as soon as possible. Usually, a bike owner will know instantly by their bike’s voice that somethings wrong with its mechanism. Choosing the right bike garage near you is very important for the excellent health of the Motorcycle.

Our professionally trained bike mechanics know their job very well. Right from the small niggles to any major garage work, we are here to help you.

Regular servicing

We highly recommend regularly service your bike at constant intervals. Make sure to change the engine oil every 4000km or six months, whichever comes first. It helps to keep the engine healthy and beating for a more extended period. The engine will be the last part of the bike you want any problems. Keep checking your chain lubrication and tension at similar intervals. Usually, try and check the air pressure in your tires every month and tuning the carburetor every year. The carburetor is usually the most neglected part of the bike and derives attention only when it is not working correctly. Multiple other things are essential while performing a bike service. We here at Sanket Autocare assign the task to certified trained bike mechanics, who are knowledgeable about every niche part in a bike. We ensure that the customer and their motorcycle leaves with a good smile and a ‘good firing’ respectively.

Wheel Alignment

One of the most under anticipated bike service, wheel alignment can be sitting in between a good bike and a perfect one. Usually, any strange bike handling problems, tires wearing out asymmetrically and or chain making a weird noise, are due to some severe misalignment in your bike wheels. Usually, the rear wheel is the root of the problem as the front wheel is not adjustable. The rear wheel’s position on the swingarm decides your wheels need an alignment appointment or not. Whenever in doubt about the wheels, contact Sanket Autocare right away.

All in all, it makes us at Sanket Autocare happy to see a correctly running bike on Pune’s roads. Are you wondering what makes us happiest? Of course, a bike running smoothly on the road thanks to our mechanics’ efforts on the streets of Pune. 

We are eager and excited to serve your bike in the best possible way. 

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